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Our company manufactures and supplies traditional gabions baskets and modern gabion fencing. We offer also various elements for landscaping, for example: raised beds, pounds, flower planters with water container and grills.

Our products are strong and long lasting. For an attractive and aesthetic look gabions can be filled with quarried, recycled, decorative aggregates and even blue slag glass, where installed internal lighting for an amazing glow.

Please select a product from the main hand menu.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements with us or require a special fabrication then that is where we specialise please contact us and we will be sure to help!



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+48 600 320 121 +48 690 97 70 70 +48 690 97 70 70 biuro@gabeco.pl projekty@ gabeco.pl dystrybucja@gabeco.pl

Elevations Gabion - Prodycent

Modern architectural form, unique decor of the building, durable and elegant architectural solution. więcej

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Manufacturer of small architecture called GREENLINE. Simplicity and elegance, flower pots Gabion permanent solution

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Manufacturer of modern Gabion, effective form of fencing, fencing systems, small architecture.

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